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Irish Saint’s & Scholars

The Isle of Ireland has traditionally been called the Land of Saints and Scholars not because of mass cultural religion but because of individual's who walked with Christ, who loved and obeyed God's Word and reached out to a lost world with the light of the Gospel. This is just some of their stories.

  1. Saint Patrick -

    Notorious at Ireland's patron saint, Patrick carries a prophetic message for those disillusioned with Christianity in Ireland today. His love for God, Christ, His Word and the souls of men burns with holy fire unseen by our present generation. If ever Ireland needed another Patrick it is now. He was a prophet, an apostle, an evangelist and a revivalist. Read this short testimony on this great man of God and who came as a slave but returned as a missionary. Patrick's testimony is free from hypocrisy, pride, hierarchy, tradition and deadness and can bring a prophetic and hopeful signpost to this generation in Ireland.

  1. Columba - Coming soon

    One hundred years after Patrick, a Donegal man called Columba set forth from the shores of Ireland on what was to be the begining of a new missionary movement which with zeal would reach out into dark pagan Europe. Columba, who was of royal lineage, forsook inheritance, family and nation to pioneer a missionary base on the Isle of Iona of the West coast of Scotland from which he would evangelize the Scot and Picts alike. He was a missionary prophet of amazing proportions.

  2. Thomas Walsh

    This son of Ireland initially heard the gospel through an itinerant Methodist preacher on the streets of Limerick which led to his conversion. From that moment he became a student of the Word of God. Beside his own Irish language he mastered English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew. John Wesley said of him that he did not know any preacher who in so few years was the instrument of converting so many sinners from the error of their ways. He also said of him “Such a master of Biblical knowledge I never saw before, and never expect to see again.”

  3. Adam Clarke - Coming Soon

    Writer of the famous bible commentary and successor to John Wesley as leader of the great Methodist Movement and revival was an Irish man. This man was an exceptional scholar not to mention preacher and leader.

  4. Robert A Brown

    This young man left his home in Fermanagh to search for fun and fulfilment in London. Upon a return home he experienced a revolutionary conversion to Christ. This led to his immigration to New York where he pioneered one of the cities greatest churches as well as being one of the strongest moulding influences upon the largest missionary movement to go forth from America in those decades.

  5. James McKeown

    This young man from a typical country Irish home went forth as a missionary pioneer to Ghana in Africa. After years of ministry he left behind a fully indigenous church made up of 3000 new local churches with a fully functioning leadership, ministry and missionary thrust. Few men have been so noted for their humility, simplicity and Christ-likeness.

  6. W.P. Nicholson - Coming Soon

    Sometimes called the vulgar evangelist or hurricane of the pulpit, he was either dearly loved or vigorously hated. His early years were spent as an utter rebel against God but he had a praying mother who prevailed with God. As a preacher God sent him back to the North of Ireland at a time when the country was about to fall into a blood bath of civil war. Through his ministry a marvellous revival came which saved the nation from a terrible fate.

  7. Edwin Orr - Coming Soon

    This young man stepped out in faith like George Mueller and Hudson Taylor believing the Lord would supply all his needs as he travelled ministering. His travels carried him across every continent of the world as he preached and also wrote articles and books on genuine revivals which was to mark him out as one of the greatest writers on revival of the century. His passion for a revived church was contagious.

  8. Amy Carmichael - Coming Soon

Urgent Message to the Irish

1. What do you do when politics, religion and the ecomony fail? - Coming Soon

Just over two years ago Ireland was hailed as the best place in Europe to live. Hundreds of thousands of outside labourers were being sought to come work and increasing materialism was turning the minds of a generation from God to Mammon. Now with the politics, religion and economy in visible tatters what is the answer? If religion which is meant to have the answer for the nation has failed where should we look now?

2. Is Ireland heading for disaster? - Coming Soon
3. Ireland's Answer - Coming Soon
4. Why Ireland's Priesthood has failed morally - Coming Soon
5. What is the future for the Church in Ireland? - Coming Soon

Irish Revivals

Although it is very true to say that Ireland has never had a national revival, yet it is not the full truth. Patrick very definitely saw a revival in his day which brought  an initial breakthrough for Christianity in the land. The Methodists certainly saw very real outpourings of the Spirit amidst their efforts to evangelise Ireland. They saw more happen across the land than maybe at any stage in Irelands history.

In the North there have most definitely been strong outpourings of the Spirit of God. For example in 1859 when Revival swept the Northern part of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England but sadly most of the South of Ireland was untouched. I believe with all my heart that Ireland's day of Visitation is yet to come. May these testimonies of Revival encourage you to pray and believe God for a national revival.

  1. The Irish Methodist Revival - Coming Soon
  2. Moody & Torrey Campaigns - Coming Soon
  3. Salvation Army - Coming Soon
  4. Foursquare Revival - Coming Soon
  5. The 1921 Revival - Coming Soon
  6. The 1954 Belfast Revival - Coming Soon


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