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Sober Saints
Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
By Keith Malcomson

This Book was written for three types of persons. Firstly, for those who are convinced that it is ok to drink alcohol socially and moderately. Secondly, for those who are fully persuaded that Scripture forbids the drinking of alcohol. And thirdly, for those who stand in the middle unsure of the clear teaching of the Bible.

This subject has certainly become a hotly debated subject in recent years by professing born-again believers. This simple book will challenge many contemporary opinions, traditions, fables, excuses and false teachings. It will also answer many questions you have had. This is a practical book for leaders, mothers, teenagers and all who have an interest, opinion, concern or doubt concerning alcohol and the teaching in the Bible concerning it.
 CONTENTS: 1. Wine in the Bible, 2. The Vine & Wine Production, 3. Facts about Alcohol, 4. Strong Drink, 5. Drunkenness, 6. Leadership and Alcohol, 7. Social Drinking Amongst God’s People, 8. Sober Saints, 9. A Spirit-Filled Life, I0. Legalism or Liberty?, 11. Questions and Answers, 12. Christ, Wine and Alcohol



Julie’s Story – Free Indeed

A little more than a generation after the 1904 revival in Wales, when the effects of the revival fire disappeared and church attendance dwindled, a baby girl was born in South Wales. The little girl, who was to contend with death countless times, grew up in a home of abuse and went on to a life of crime, promiscuity, drug abuse and violence. This is the story of a life of uncontrolled excess. The early years will resound with so many throughout this world but sadly, the latter end is rare, for this is the story of a life set free by the power of the risen Christ; set free from the horror and pain of the past and brought in to eternal life — a life now free indeed.

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Candace Malcomson (BMus, M.A.)

South African born Candace Malcomson immigrated to Ireland in 2000 to take up a senior position in music education and to further her career as concert artist. Having followed and loved Jesus Christ from a very early age, Candace always felt that the Lord would lead her in to full-time ministry.  In 2006, when she married preacher and author Keith Malcomson, Candace resigned her career and turned down the many opportunities for professional pursuit in favour of being at Keith’s side to be his helpmeet and to assist him in the running of the missionary work of the School of Christ International. They minister across many denominations and travel widely and consistently throughout Europe as God leads and opens doors.


“Pentecostal Pioneers Remembered”

by Keith Malcomson.

Here is a story long untold and mostly forgotten, of faith, power and glory.

This book commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Pentecostal Movement in Great Britain & Ireland, 1907-2007. Herein is the story of the Men, the Movement, the Message and the Miracles that became known as the Pentecostal Movement. These testimonies are timeless, powerful and stirring but sadly most of these pioneers have long disappeared from the sight and remembrance of the church. This is a very simple attempt to stir up the mind of the church to remember these men and women who so impacted families, cities and nations by a life of consecrated prayer, crowned and sealed with Holy Ghost power. Amongst them you will find pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles. Although all these pioneers were born in Britain & Ireland yet their ministries deeply affected the world. Their influence and power was amazingly greater than their birth, upbringing, number, education or financial resources. These testimonies will deeply inspire another generation to go and do likewise.

Read of a true healing revival that exalted the Person of Jesus Christ, honoured His shed Blood, which raised up those who walked in the light of His written Word which produced a life of holiness, uprightness and humility.

New Edition Coming in 2013

"I take great pleasure in writing the foreword for this book written by Keith Malcomson...I believe the reading of this book...of how God used these men to recover the spiritual in their day will greatly encourage us, especially the preacher, to believe God to do it again." B.H. Clendennen

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Errata - corrections in 1st edition, May 2008

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There has been a great response already from a number of countries from leaders who have read it or who are in the process of reading it who have been blessed, challenged and encouraged. We give glory to God for that as that was our hearts prayer in writing and printing the book. Please continue to pray that God will use it widely. God Bless you.


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