Heaven Sent Revival


Sent Delusions

by Pastor Don Shoots

Dr. Don ShootsISAIAH 66:4 “I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.”

II THESSALONIANS 2:11 “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”

Twice, God introduces us to one of His great and sober acts. I have witnessed the continuing degradation of religion across the board.  It is a very heavy thing to bring those matters up because it involves people, churches and some that can’t endure such things. In this writing, I must assume that you know we are still in a deteriorating age. We are in a time of great falling away. (II Thessalonians 2:3)

This is a final act on His part in His dealing with mankind. Only twice in the Bible is the meaning made so clear to us as it is in Isaiah and II Thessalonians. Delusion is not new, nor is it distant from our ability to see. We learned from Romans 1 that it is possible for humanity to live, walk, breathe, function, shop, work, go on vacations and even sit within the tabernacle, all the while believing a lie. Stop and think for just a moment what it means if everything you accept as truth and have faith in is a lie.                     

The reality is that men of all walks of life, intellectual people, graduates from schools of higher learning can no longer differentiate between right and wrong. It is also possible for intelligent people to function and live in the realm of society’s demands without understanding.

Romans 1:31...without understanding

In Daniel 4:34 Nebuchadnezzar lifted up his eyes unto heaven, and his understanding returned unto him. Delusion is not out of the ordinary, nor is it as peculiar as we try to make it. This great leader, Nebuchadnezzar, had not only lost his understanding, but also his reasoning.                   

From all walks of life there are people who are living but they have blinded minds. They may drive a new car and own a home, but they’re blind. Some are very intelligent yet they are blind. In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. (II Corinthians 4:4) No doubt this blindness means lacking in discernment, unable to understand.           

This delusion from the books of Isaiah and II Thessalonians is very real; it is a God-sent delusion. God is love, and when we witness one of His sovereign acts, the root of it is His every unfailing love to deal with lost humanity. He still chastens and rebukes those that He loves. (Revelation 3:19)                                                                          

When people demonstrate a perpetual gullibility, and even wilful compliance with evil, one must wonder what is really the root cause of it all? Is it ignorance? Is it indifference? Maybe it is personal ambition? Perhaps the love of comfort? There is another possibility it could be that you and I are about to wake up to the reality of a God-sent divine delusion on society in the closing moments of time. This could be the answer to the degradation that we have seen across the globe. A time when men can no longer understand and have lost their reasoning. Groping in a world of darkness, blind, and their discernment vanished; unable to function in the realm of a living God.

DELUDE means to convince that something false is true.

Delusion is the act of deluding, deception, a misleading mind. There is not a cancer on this planet worse than that! When the very motor system of your being no longer knows truth and is now so deluded that it is constantly misleading you, you have no foundation on which to stand. It is over!                                                    

We’re in an hour when the angel of light has come. I’ve personally wrestled intently with this one matter. This deceptive angel named Satan has come with a message of righteousness. I’ve seen thousands of intelligent people gobble it up and have no discernment or reasoning to calculate the difference.                                                                     

Are we dealing with a straightforward rebellion against Christ and truth? Or has a final delusion set in, whereby men can no longer interchange with a Holy God? The mind has lost its ability to sit in a church and hear the spirit of God speak softly in the ear. It can now sit in the presence of the Lord and not know it and not perceive God’s purity and Holiness. Could it be a final delusion?                       

In the 2007 July 7th issue of Time Magazine, there was an article about Harry Potter. The title was: “Why We Love a World Where Dragons Fly and Religion is Fantasy” This is where we are in our society. It doesn’t know truth and yet craves and desires the false, thinking that it is truth. How can this be I asked God? He said, “A delusion is sweeping this world and I’m behind it. Men have dabbled with my Holy belongings and they’ve gone too far. They’ve played with holiness and removed the altars from the sanctuaries. They’ve added to and taken away from my Holy word. They’ve tarnished the testimony of my begotten Son and grieved the Holy Ghost. Now I’ve sent something, whereby they can no longer recognize truth.”     

The only way a society can get to that level of depravity is because there is something looming that is greater than a simple rebellion against God. It’s greater than just a resistance to truth. In 20 years of observing just the city in which I live, the strength of the full gospel message has dissipated. The evidence is on the table; delusion has come in. Many are falling away, while the remnant is getting herself ready to see Jesus Christ.                                                         

The article I just referred to in Time Magazine about Harry Potter goes on to say, “If you want to know who dies, the answer is easy: God.” This is the world in which we live. Harry Potter is one of the most popular fictitious characters that exists today and has been absolutely welcomed beckoned and solicited by our school systems across this country and invited in to thousands of homes. This book series which has been promoted as fantastic reading material is full of death, old magic, spells, dark arts, sacrifices, wizards, witches and sorcerers. It is Satan’s manifestation in it boldest form; preying on the innocent. In Britain, six coins with the images of Harry Potter have been minted. Why would the entire system of our world welcome and solicit such garbage as Harry Potter who says to little children, there is no God? How could intelligent parents and administrators be thrilled to feed children a deadly poison? How can that happen except for a sent delusion?                                                                 

In all humility and 26 years of counselling and Pastoring, I’ve dealt with people who wouldn’t know the truth if it rolled up on box cars. I have counselled with them for hours, preached the anointed word of God and they never got the picture. They never see truth. I’ve said, “What is wrong?” The answer is delusion; a place where a man or woman can no longer discern or reason. They are now convinced that something false is truth.

I’ve been amazed throughout time that God hasn’t allowed certain things to die. He manages this entire world so meticulously.  He could have let yellow fever wipe out society. He could have allowed Polio or the Adolph Hitlers and the Neros to annihilate mankind. In managing this world, there have been numerous times He could have allowed us all to die, from wars, nuclear bomb or diseases and catastrophic weather, but He didn’t. As creator, God made us with a free will and lets us choose what we want and believe what we want to believe. After we’ve craved and pursued so hard for the opposite of His truth, God lets us now believe what we desire to believe; He sends a delusion. The delusion in Isaiah 66 was caused because they were a people who chose their own way. But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. II Corinthians 11:3                                                                  

Corrupted here means withered. It is possible for a mind to wither and wilt away because it has rebelled with such arrogance against its Creator. A withered mind can no longer be the mind of Christ because it has accepted a rebellion against God and it has now succumbed to a strong delusion. I’ve looked into their eyes and listened to their words as it was revealed that they no longer had an understanding of the things of God. Their minds have been corrupted and wilted.

The mind set of Christ on the cross was “not my will.” If you haven’t learned to pray not my will but thine be done, or if you’ve neglected to do so, first repent, then start praying that way.  Not my will, but thine be done. Somewhere in Israel’s history, they chose their own way and the will of God was no longer important. Then they began to delight in unholy things. If you stump your toe and you don’t feel conviction, be careful. If you make a mistake and you don’t feel a prick in your heart, be very alarmed. Don’t try to pass it off; the Holy Ghost plays no games. Our wills must die so His can live!

Another reason God sent the strong delusion is because HE said “I called and nobody answered” I strongly suggest that if God ever calls, you answer! You may feel frail and weak in your spiritual condition, but answer Him. God called young Samuel as a little boy. Samuel didn’t know all the scriptures or have all the answers; he simply answered. God said, I called you and none answered. I also sent a strong delusion because I spoke and nobody heard me. Do you think God would send something as horrifying as a delusion whereby people think what is false is true, just to be doing something? We are in the last of the last days and this helps explain the madness. God saw every time society pointed its fists at Him. God has watched while we have aborted tens of thousands of precious babies. God has recorded every homosexual act and man’s aggressiveness to have it legal. God’s been watching as men with power and authority turn His truth into error and preach false doctrine. These influential men who stand behind pulpits are telling people you don’t have to repent and that the cross and the blood aren’t necessary.  They say to die to self is outdated. They’ve preached a self esteem gospel which emphasizes self needs and encourages self satisfaction. We’ve been a people which loved sin more that the word of God. In God’s sovereignty, He has spoken. “I don’t kill everything, but I send judgment to all things. You can now believe what you want to believe.”       

The cause in II Thessalonians was only one: They received not the love of truth. Can you see it narrowing down? There were four reasons in the Old Testament and only one reason in the New Testament, which is getting us closer to the book of Revelation and the end of this age. Can men fill their bellies with every vile element of a sin-sick world and remain Holy? This is the core of the message. Our general religious crowd says “yes” and God says “no”!                   

Read this scripture in the last book of the Old Testament carefully. Ye have wearied the LORD with your words. Yet ye say, Wherein have we wearied him? When ye say, Every one that doeth evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and he delighteth in them; or, Where is the God of judgement? Malachi 2:17.

This society’s posture in Malachi, ushered in 400 silent years between books of Malachi and Matthew. Their mind-set removed any more open revelations from God and cut off the interactions of heaven to the degree they had previously functioned.

As you look at the whole world, please understand what I’m saying. It has reached such proportions you can no longer say, a man loves sin more than he loves God. It’s deeper than that now! Men have walked into church and now they don’t know what’s right and they think what’s wrong is right!      

What a sad, heartbreaking reality. One of the saddest cases I’ve dealt with is to be in the home of a husband and wife when one has developed Alzheimer’s. I’ve seen the heartbreak as that dreadful disease took over. I’ve been there when the husband looks at his wife of 50+ years and says “Who are you?” The mate said to me, “Get that woman out of my house, my wife will be home later.” They would be frantic as they asked, “Who is that?” How terrible to lose your mind!

There is an Antichrist walking up this road and the ones who do not know Christ will think they know the Antichrist. They will have a kindred spirit with him. I listened to a sober reporter speak candidly concerning the upcoming elections. He said, “We hoped this election would be decided on ability and experience, but gain it looks like popularity and charisma is what takes the office.” This is delusion. “It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have a charismatic personality, we’ll worship you”! They want the Antichrist to come. They’re beckoning Harry Potter to come. How can this be? Strong Delusion!                    

“People prefer to believe what they prefer to be true” (Sir Francis Bacon)

Paul said those would be damned who believed not the truth. (II Thessalonians 2:12) He very soberly lays before us a three fold repudiation of truth. It affected their hearts in that they loved truth. It affected their minds because they believed not truth. It affected their wills because they had pleasure in unrighteousness. Now the Apostle Paul is saying it’s almost all lost. Their minds will and hearts now repudiate truth. Mankind chose his own way and delighted in unholy things. God called and none answered, God spoke and none heard. Delusion came because they received not the love of the truth. This final hour has revealed a generation that prefers a lie over truth. Sadly, this is not just relative to Christianity. We have come to the finality of God’s response to those who have chosen not to receive Him. This final act brings us to a closer certainty of the end of time. If you can feel the conviction of the sweet Holy Ghost, first rejoice, then repent and seek to be drawn closer to Him. The truth still sets men and women free! (John 8:32)

This article is reproduced by kind permission of Pastor Don Shoots. It first appeared in the June 2008 “The Message of Truth and Purpose” a publication of Central Pentecostal Ministries, Inc.