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Spiritual Influence

Influence was a major part of God's workings in the New Testament. Paul is set forth as an example, a pattern and one to be noted and followed.  We are certainly not the product of our natural enviroment and home when the Grace of God comes into operation. It is the hand of God upon us and the grace of God at work bringing influences to bear upon us. Of course there are many influences around us that could mould us. We must be wise to see what is of God to mould us as opposed to those moulding influences of man, the world and the devil. One of the great influences God uses in His Church is godly example. Exampleship is a lost emphasis in todays church. The lifestyle and message of leaders will always be one of the greatest moulding factors in spiritual movement's. God must raise up men of caliber and character if a movement is to continue as a useful vessel in His hand.

The following leaders brought their godly example, missionary zeal, confidence in God to bare upon the whole Church. Through them God brought revival, fulfilled the great commission and brought glory to Jesus Christ, God's Son.

Count Zinzendorf & The Moravian Missionary Revival

From a boy this high-bourne count yeilded his young heart and life to God. The Spirit of God worked mightily upon him to prepare him as an unusual vessel for an unusual task. In the timing of God the count granted land to the escaping Bohemian Christians who established the "Herrnhut" community. Through division, dispute and doctrinal arguement the small community almost seperated. But after an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at a communion service they were turned into a Missionary Movement unequaled. Within 30 years this small community of 600 people had sent out 300 missionaries across the world.

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John Wesley & the Great Awakening

This burning Herald of the Gospel needs no introduction. His life was to leave a deep mark across the nations of the world.

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Robert Murray McCheyne

One of Scotland's greatest preachers and revivalists. Renowned for his life of prayer and holiness of life.

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David Wilkerson

Young Pentecostal preacher and pastor, founder of Teen Challenge and Times Square Church. David Wilkerson has been considered a prophet to the church for a generation. He has rebuked hypocrisy, false doctrine, false revivals, compromise in the Church and pulpit through searing and convicting messages. His stand for holiness and purity has marked this generation. He has been a voice when few have been willing to speak out.

David Wilkerson



George Muller & a Life of Faith

George Muller is well known for his work amongst orphan children in Bristol England but few know much more. He was a man who returned to the New Testament parrern of the Church. He was a man of the Word of God and prayer. His testimony was used in raising up hearts of faith who prayed through to see the 1859 Ulster Revival. In his later days he traveled the world preaching Christ and teaching the Word of God.

George Muller

William Booth – Blood & Fire

William Booth arose in one of Britains darkest decadent hours with the message of Blood Redemption to a lost Hell-bound generation out of which he dug converts who became Spirit-baptised evangelists who carried a message of "Blood and Fire" and who later handed to the early Penrecostal's their tattared, battered scarlet Army banner and the commission to evangelise with holy fire.

William Booth

Hudson Taylor & Faith Missions

Taylor's example made a profound influence upon the missionary zeal of this young movement. His prayer life, his raising up of labourers and his trust in God to supply every financial need without making them known to man can be seen in its early leaders. "Depend upon it. God's work, done in God's way, will never lack for supplies."

Hudson Taylor

  D.L. Moody & Mass Militant Evangelism

His rough, powerful evangelistic preaching during his three visits to Britain in the 1870's and 80's left a profound mark. Also his testimony and teaching on an empowering for service by a Baptism of the Holy Ghost. "I SUPPOSE if I could put the question and ask those who are filled with the Spirit to respond, very few if any would be heard from."

D.L. Moody

Evan Roberts & The Welsh Revival

It would be impossible to read of the Welsh Revival without looking closely at the young man, Evan Roberts, who led was without doubt a central figure in this visitation of God. Through the influence of this revival, this young man would leave many marks on the church of his day and outr day. The manner of worship, order of service, leading of the Spirit and confidence in an Almighty God who changes lives and Nations would spread to many other nations and movements.

Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival.

William Seymour & the Los Angeles Outpouring - 1906

This mighty Pentecostal outpouring drove many to the scriptures to ask "Is this thing of the Lord?" Quickly and dramatically all the signs of Pentecost were seen, it was Acts continued. "It would be a great mistake to attribute the Pentecostal beginning in Los Angeles to any one man, either in prayer or in preaching...Pentecost did not drop suddenly out of heaven. God was with us in large measure for a long time before the final outpouring."

The Los Angeles Outpouring, 1906.

Leonard Ravenhill

Born and raised in England Ravehill came under some of the godliest influences of the day. Trained under Samuel Chadwick and then thrust out as a traveling evangelist he went on to pastor several new assemblies. By this means the Lord prepared him as a prophetic voice to the church. He evetually found his field of operation in America where he impacted a whole generation of preachers who in turn would stand in an hour of apostasy. His burden for revival was all consuming and his words in his various classic books carry the stamp of divine passion and fire.

Leonard Ravenhill








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